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Sacred Geometry

Have you ever noticed a pattern within nature that is simply pleasing to the eye? It might be the curl of a plant stem, the symmetrical shape of a leaf, or the perfection of a snow flake. Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us in our everyday world. They create the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe as we know it. Inevitably, mathematicians have found ways to break the patterns down in to a language we might understand. Ultimately, sacred geometry is considered an ancient science, one that explains and explores the energy patterns that happen naturally around us everyday. These patterns create and unify everything, all things, and they can reveal the precise way that energy organizes itself to create what we see around us. It is said that every natural pattern of growth and every form of movement can be traced back to one or more of the geometric shapes. All life forms are created out of geometric codes. These shapes can be a powerful tool for your own life journey. It's believed the ancients considered the experience of sacred geometry an essential education to the soul. These shapes are symbolic to our own inner realm, and they are significant in pursuing higher consciousness and self-awareness. They can also help create harmony within ourselves, and inspires new ways of seeing yourself and the world around you. The sacred geometry shapes are akin to codes that can assist you in your life journey, whether you use them consciously or simply have them around your home. Expand from your current limitations to create thoughts and experiences that harmonize and rebalance your life energy. Bob;s complete collection of hand made sacred geometry metal decor, with a hand drawn metatron's cube.

Platonic Solids

The platonic solids are thought of as the building blocks of the universe. If you get down to basics, it is said that everything within our universe is created using just these five shapes. These shapes were taught in Greek schools (supposedly around 2,500 years ago) as the five perfect 3D forms. This means that each 3D shape has the same length edges, and matching angles at each seam and corner. These five shapes are the only ones that can be created in this manner.

Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube is named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy and creation. Archangel Metatron also provides a connection from the earth to the divine. Metatron's Cube is balanced, and can help provide a visual point for meditation if this is your preferred method. This mystical 3-dimensional cube contains all five (5) platonic solids hidden within it, and this symbolizes the underlying patterns of our universe. Metatron's Cube can aid in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, and reminds us that the universe wants us to discover our personal power and use it to do good. Use Metatron's Cube to bring about balance, harmony, unity, protection, love and healing. Bob's hand drawn metatron's cube, which contains all five platonic solids.


There are seven (7) chakra's in your body, each with its own responsibilities. Chakra's are the concentrated energy centers of the body. They take in, incorporate, and emanate energy to keep us functioning at optimum levels. Each platonic solid shape is linked to a chakra, and you can find more information on those below. Except, your throat chakra. The symbol for this is a 16 petal lotus flower, surrounding a triangle which contains a circle. This represents ether. The Throat chakra is your center of communication, responsible for your ability to be honest and express your truth. Its colour is blue, and if it is in excess you might find yourself gossiping or being overly critical, talking loudly or excessively. If it is depleted, you may be unable to express yourself or speak quietly.Try meditating with the help of these stones; lapis luzuli, sodalite, blue lace agate.


The tetrahedron is created using four equilateral triangles joined at 60 degree angles. The triangle symbolizes balance, stability and harmony. It is the perfect symbol for this as no matter how it sits, the tetrahedron is secure sitting on a triangular face and looks the same in any position. Rising upwards, it can help elevate us to a higher consciousness. The tetrahedron can help create a natural balance between the physical and the spiritual. The tetrahedron's associated element is fire, and it's linked chakra is the Solar Plexus (located under your rib cage). The Solar Plexus chakra is the center for personal power and acceptance, and its colour is yellow. If your Solar Plexus is in excess, you might be overly controlling, competitive and power hungry. If it is depleted, you may have poor digestion, feel powerless and experience chronic fatigue. Try meditating with the help of these stones; citrine, tigers eye, honey calcite.


The cube has six square faces joined together at 90 degree angles. It is often considered geometric perfection, and symbolizes the logical, rational mind of man. Its counterpart is the sphere, which is linked to spirit. The cube represents The Truth, as it looks the same from any angle. It can help with stability and permanence - appropriately, its linked element is earth itself and the cube has many grounding properties. The cube's associated chakra is the Root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine and its colour is red. Your Root chakra is responsible for your health and safety. If it is in excess, you may feel generally sluggish or even constipated. If it is depleted, you may experience fear and anxiety, or even diarhhea. Try meditating with the help of these stones; smokey quartz, hematite, red jasper. ​


The octahedron has eight equilateral triangle faces joined at 60 degree angles. In essence, the octahedron is two pyramids joined at their square bases. It represents the merging of physical, mental and spiritual energies, and can help immensely with integration. The octahedron can help the past and future co-exist with the present, where we should be as mindful as possible. Its linked element is air. The octahedron's associated chakra is the Heart chakra. This chakra is in the center of your chest, and its colour is green. The Heart chakra is responsible for giving and receiving love, and promoting peace and acceptance. If it is in excess, you may experience codependency, jealousy, and lack empathy. If it is depleted, you may feel shy, lonely, bitter, or generally intolerant.Try meditating with the help of these stones; rose quartz, green aventurine. Welded By Bob metal octahedron


The icosahedron is another shape made using equilateral triangles - 20 of them to be exact, joined together at 60 degree angles. Its linked element is water, and the icosahedron is all about transformation, movement, flow and change. To be able to "go with the flow" is to be able to adapt and overcome anything life may throw your way. The icosahedron can help enhance the creative thought process, and is also capable of physical healing by bringing about balance and harmony. The icosahedron's associated chakra is the Sacrel Chakra, located in your lower abdomen. Its colour is orange, and the Sacrel chakra is responsible for your reproductive system and sexuality. It also influences happiness, creativity and joy. If it is in excess, you may form obsessive attachments or feel over-sensitive. If it is depleted, you may feel fear, guilt or insecurity.Try meditating with the help of these stones; orange aventurine, carneliun.


The dodecahedron is unique in that its faces are in the shape of pentagons (five sided). These faces are joined at 108 degree angles, and the dodecahedrons linked element is the universe itself. This shape is an excellent tool for awareness and awakening, to bring a higher consciousness and vibration to your life. It can also help with spiritual ascension, and to connect you with source energy. The dodecahedron is a divine shape, and simply fascinating to observe. The dodecahedron's associated chakra's are the Third Eye (center of your forehead between your eyes) and the Crown (top of your head). The Third Eye chakra is indigo in colour, and can help with dream recall and visualization. It is also responsible for your intuition. If it is in excess, you may experience headaches, nightmares, and a lack of focus. If it is depleted, you may struggle to use your imagination or visualize clearly. Try meditating with the help of these stones; amethyst.The Crown chakra is violet or sometimes clear in colour. It can aid with feeling enlightenment, peace, and wisdom. It can also bring about clarity and understanding. If it is in excess, you may find yourself day-dreaming often, or feel superior to others. If it is depleted, you may feel a lot of skepticism or have difficulty thinking. Try meditating with the help of these stones; clear quartz. Welded By Bob dodecahedron


Merkabah translates literally to light, spirit and body. It is created when two tetrahedron's intersect at their centers, and then spin in opposing directions. This creates a 3D energy field that is said to provide protection, and help transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The merkabah reminds us of our potential power, by perfectly balancing masculine and feminine energies. When meditating with this shape, focus on visualizing the shape surrounding you, creating a protective 'forcefield' around yourself. The merkabah can be used to access higher realms of consciousness as well as your personal power.

Flower, Fruit and Seed Of Life

These layered circles can be seen in Bob's hand drawn metatron's cubes. The Flower of Life is made up of 61 circles, each joined to its neighbour at the center. The 13 center circles are the Fruit of Life, and the seven (7) in the center of that are the Seed of Life. Within the Flower of Life you'll find all five of the platonic solids. The 3D image of the Flower of Life is the dodecahedron. ​The Flower of Life is a physical representation of the connection we have with all living things in the universe.


Meditating with these shapes looks different for everyone - there is no wrong way to do it! If you have one of Bobs metatron's cube drawings, we recommend placing your shape in the middle of the drawing and lining up the points with the circles. Add a stone to any or all of the six points of metatron's cube to further enhance your meditation. If you don't have a drawing to work with, simply hold your shape or place it nearby to where you are sitting comfortably. Focus on your breath entering and exiting your body. Fill your lungs completely, then empty them completely. Be mindful of only your breath. If any thoughts appear in your brain simply let them float by, or imagine them evaporating like steam from your tea. Focus on your shape and how you would like it to help you, how you would like to enhance yourself as a person. Keep breathing until you are feeling calm, refreshed, grounded, peaceful, or whatever your goal for this meditation may be. Remember to come out of your meditation at a pace that suits you!