Red & black cobra leash

Red & black cobra leash

This flat cobra leash is made of combined red and black paracord. Handmade here in Lethbridge AB, using Canadian made paracord, this leash is 4'3" in length and approximately 3/4" wide. It features a carabiner clip with screw lock for easy attachment to your pets collar or harness, and of course a handle loop for ease of use. It also has a little plain red detailing to reinforce the connection between the paracord and clip.

The cobra stitch style consists of two lengths of paracord 550 tied around a solid core of another two lengths of paracord 550. This technique makes this hand crafted leash an excellent choice for large pets, while maintaining a lightweight feel that is ideal for hiking or camping, as well as everyday use.


Paracord is a synthetic material that will last a lifetime with minimal care. Your dog can get wet and muddy without a care in the world! Simply hang to dry, and brush off any debris once dry.

Remember, all our leashes are one of a kind - if this one has tickled your fancy, don't miss out!


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