Pet paw butter/balm

Pet paw butter/balm

Our home made, small batch, all natural, 100% pet safe paw butter is made using;
olive oil,
coconut oil,
shea butter, 
and beeswax.
Natural scents are added to provide you with different choices, each with their own unique use;
Plain - healing and moisturising
Lavender - calming and healing
Orange - antiseptic and repels ticks
Peppermint - cooling and repels mosquitoes 
Paw butter is great to have on hand year round to prevent and treat dry paw pads - which could lead to cracking, discomfort and potentially pain for your pet! Simply apply sparingly as necessary to your pets paw pads to keep them healthy. Don't worry if your furbaby decides to lick their paws after application - this paw butter is 100% safe!
This butter could also be used on your pets dry nose. We recommend you choose an unscented/plain pot for this purpose though!
  • Return Policy

    For hygiene reasons, Paw Butter may not be returned.


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