Waist trainers are a great training tool for your pet! This simple but effective piece can convert any leash in to one that wraps around your waist, freeing up both your hands while you walk your pet.


Each waist trainer is made using lengths of paracord that may otherwise have ended up in the garbage (reducing waste!), a welded O ring, and comes with a carabiner clip to easily attach the loop handle of your leash to the O ring. They are designed to slide over the leash so you can adjust the size of the loop to comfortably fit your waist.


Waist trainers are available to custom order only. To order;

- Let us know what colour you would like your waist trainer (please only pick ONE)

- Select the size range that the leash you are going to attach your waist trainer to falls in

- Checkout as normal! Current turn around for waist trainers is 1 week.


Check out the video above to see how they work! 

Pet leash waist trainer converter

  • Waist trainers are made to order, therefore not returnable.