Braided neck strap in yellow and black

Braided neck strap in yellow and black

  • This neck strap is hand braided using Canadian made paracord in yellow and black.
  • Slip this loop over your horse's head and place it at their withers/in front of the saddle.
  • Excellent for beginner riders, colt starters, and bareback riding.
  • Grab on to your neck strap rather than balancing on your horse's mouth via the reins.


Hand braided neck strap
Length; 5 foot 5 inches
Width; 3/8 inch
Weight; 85 grams
Colour/s; yellow, black
No. of strands; 6
Breaking strength; 550lbs per strand (3300lbs total)

Features; solid loop

Ideal for; english and western riders, day to day use, beginner riders, jumping


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