• This handmade braided paracord slip leash is an ideal choice for small pets.
  • Welded O ring makes the neck size adjustable, leather stopper prevents the loop becoming too big.
  • Simply slip the leash over your pets head and tighten to size - then enjoy your walk!
  • Features a welded O ring and spliced handle loop.


Hand braided slip leash 

Length; varies depending on pet

Width; 1/4 inch

Weight; 101 grams

Colour/s; lime, black

No. of strands; 4 

Breaking strength; 550lbs per strand (2200lbs total)

Features; welded O ring to adjust neck loop size, handle loop, leather stopper to help prevent O ring sliding

Ideal for; working dogs, to keep in the back of your vehicle for emergencies, small-medium sized pets pet

Small paracord slip leash, lime & black

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