Why we've decided to leave social media behind in our business journey...

A post written by someone I admire, on Instagram last week, has inspired us to make some changes.

We have chosen to leave social media behind in our business journey - the two platforms we had anyway, Facebook and Instagram. Can I be totally honest right now? It didn't even occur to me that these platforms were optional until I saw that post. Every business savvy account we followed had plenty of tips and tricks to get social media working for everyone. Making it seem as if everyone who is anyone must be on social media.

That's all well and good, but then you're told "you have to be authentic, take the time to find your tribe". Present myself authentically to hundreds of people I don't know, but who I do know are ready to ridicule me for the slightest mishap? (At least some of them are anyway.) Oh man that's been tough for me.

Because then you're told you still have to play the algorithm game. If you can't get the algorithm working for you, nobody will see your posts, and you'll never get any likes or followers, therefore your business will be a bust.

Hang on - what? Ok, ok, that's probably not entirely how it works, and I know there are indeed plenty of people who are getting social media to work for them. And that's awesome - for them. Personally, since we've made the decision to leave our businesses social media accounts behind, I've literally felt a little bit lighter. Like a weight has been removed from my shoulders.

I did not realise just how much social media has been draining from me.

So here we are instead, in the shiny new Laye's Creations blog! We get to control what we post, we get to keep ownership of our content, it feels quiet and safe and neat and tidy and we are loving it so far. We can post in just about any format, so if you'll take us up on our invitation and join us, you'll still get to see the same cool maker videos, completed custom orders to inspire your own, and behind the scenes Welded By Bob action.

All that time and energy I was putting in to social media will now be put in to creating content for OUR website. And this is the other reason we are happy to leave social media behind - the new T&C's for Instagram (owned by the same folks as Facebook) just did not sit comfortably with us. Using these apps to collect our information, and then sell it on to line your own pockets? Not cool, and we're done until something changes.

This is not to say everyone should abandon their social media! We recognise it has its uses, and each to their own. We definitely encourage you to read the fine print though!

Anyway, if you haven't already signed up to our email list, scroll all the way down and fill in the boxes. That way you'll be kept up to date about what matters here at Laye's Creations, and can go about your busy lives with a little less background chatter from your social media.

Thanks for joining us!

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