The Platonic Solids

In mathematics, the Platonic Solids go by the name "Convex Regular Polyhedra". (Not quite as catchy.) Polyhedra in Greek means "many faces". In our current 3D reality, only five shapes can be constructed following the rules of Convex Regular Polyhedra. Those rules being; each face, edge and vertex and angles between each face are identical.

Take this down to the 2D level, and you're working with shapes that are equal in edge length and corner angle. The most basic of these shapes is the triangle - add a corner to that and you'll have a square. Add another corner and you'll have a pentagon. And so on, until eventually you'll create something akin to a circle (an infinite polygon).

There are five platonic solids;

the tetrahedron (made of four triangles),

the cube (made of six squares, sometimes known as a hexahedron),

the octahedron (made of eight triangles),

the icosahedron (made of 20 triangles),

and the dodecahedron (made of 12 pentagons).

Did you ever create origami shapes in school? Most likely a cube. When you open out the Platonic Solids shapes flat, you must have at least three faces meeting at each vertex, and the sum of the internal angles that meet at a vertex must be less than 360 degrees. When you try to create following these rules with a hexagon (six sides), you simply cannot make a 3D shape by folding the edges.

It was Plato who discovered these five shapes are the fundamental building blocks of our entire universe. He linked each shape to an element, and also a chakra within the human body. This makes them ideal for use in meditation, as well as a unique and beautiful piece of décor.

When Bob creates these fundamental shapes, he does so with the hope that each may be used for its intended purpose of raising vibration by connecting you to a higher, natural, abundant source of energy. These shapes have been found throughout history all over the world, carved as small dice or toys. It's well accepted that this modern age of short attention span and many distractions is, simply, exhausting. Bob would love to bring you back to basics, back to source, where you may rejuvenate your energy and ground yourself back to the earth upon which we reside.

Check out this article on how cosmologists now suggest that the universe is actually in the shape of a dodecahedron.

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