The Loop - attaching to a halter (the right way!)

Ok, ok, we all know there's really no "right" way to do anything, but everyone has their preferences. So here's our tried and tested preferred way to attach a lead rope to a halter using The Loop. It's super simple, and would work with spliced rope as well as a braided Loop (shown in gallery).

But most importantly, there's no heavy hardware swinging about under and around one of the horses most senstive areas - their nose and chin! In our experience, all this does is hinder the potential lightness of a horse and also the timing of your releases. What are you doing groundwork for if not to strive for excellent communication with your horse, in a light and subtle manner, to the point of respectful harmony with one another where you can get a job done as a team. Imagine being whacked in the face during that process by a clunky piece of metal. Jeez.

That's just our opinion though.

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