Merry Christmas, Mysteria!

Updated: Jan 9

Bob and I took some much needed time off this holiday season. This is fairly rare for us - we've usually something booked in, or if not, then we'll be creating in one way or another.

It was a bit of a last minute rule; absolutely no work, whatsoever, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. (So don't tell Bob I scheduled some blogs on Christmas Day. Whoops!) This meant I actually didn't really know what to do with myself. Which means that it was probably a good idea we took some time off in the first place.

I figured braiding something for myself and Mysteria doesn't count as work, right? Et voila. It only took about three years for me to braid some really awesome matchy matchy kit for myself! I'm super happy with how Mysti worked in all of it, even if the halter fit is a touch... meh. The lead rope is thick and sturdy feeling, but being braided paracord it is still so lightweight. The halter gave a similar 'not really there' feeling honour rope halters, yet Mysteria responded beautifully to my groundwork aids.

The reins I braided with two less strands than the lead rope, so they're a little lighter yet than the lead rope. Again, the Lady worked softly in them, and I felt they were a good fit and feel for my hands.

Check out my work in this gallery;

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