Hello, Fragile & Mysteria

Allow us to introduce our crazy gingers!

The Fragile (pictured left), aka Fragile, aka Frag, is a foundation bred Quarterhorse mare who's been with Bob pretty much since she was born. She is a groundwork queen, and an absolute sasspants who definitely does not show her age! Frag is a food lover, who won't hesitate to show you how well she's feeling by bucking on the end of the lead rope while hand walking. She is mostly retired from riding now due to various injuries, but some of Bob's favourite memories with Fragile are chasing bears with her in the BC mountains, using nothing but a string around her neck! (Don't try that at home folks.)

Lady Mysteria, aka Mysteria, aka Mysti, came to Bob as a tough start when she was around five years old. She is a Trakehner x Quarterhorse mare who is all horse, through and through. Mysti is as sensitive and alert as they come, making Bob the ideal person to start her under saddle. Since 2016, Sarah has been working more consistently with Mysti on her groundwork and riding skills, and has even started jumping her. Mysteria always tries her best, often despite her survival instincts telling her she should do otherwise. She is an excellent teacher to become more subtle with your aids, and she loves carrots.

Bob is pleased to offer groundwork only lessons with Fragile and Mysteria. These girls will shine light on areas you may be having problems in, show you a better (subtler) way to handle horses, and will generally share their knowledge of fancy footwork so you can go home and work towards the same results with your own horse.

Remember, having control of the feet means having control of your horse. It means you can place a single foot wherever you need it, whenever you need it. This basic premise allows you to get just about any job done with your horse, in a safe and efficient manner.

This work will give you something you can offer your horse, rather than simply using and abusing him like a machine. The hope is your horse will recognise you trying to communicate with him in his language (easier than teaching your horse English), and they'll begin to trust and work with you.

Mysti and Frag have plenty to offer to those who are open and willing to learn.

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