Do you have a store I can visit?

No, at this time we do not have a store front. You can shop all our products online, and if you have any questions get in touch! We do bring our products to markets throughout the year. Sign up to our email list to receive the details of markets as they're confirmed, right to your inbox. You can browse and buy all our products in person at these markets, plus there's a good chance you'll find another local vendor with more cool products you'll love, or even support a local charity via your entry fee (at some markets) or other donations. #SupportLocal If you own and operate a store front, and like what you've seen in our shop, we are always open to new opportunities! Please email us at b.s.laye@hotmail.com

Do you do Custom Orders?

Yes! We love making custom pieces, whether you're looking for matchy-matchy or know the struggle of finding the right size kit for your horse or pet - we're here for you! You can customise the size, style, colour, and more on just about all of our products. Head on over to our Custom Order Form, where you can tell us all about the product you'd like created and find our Custom Order policies too. We are also happy to work on projects that may not fall under our current product range. For example, we have created small items such as keychains, bracelets and eyeglasses straps, as well as larger projects such as customised lead ropes and long lines, pet collars and leashes. The sky is the limit, and if we can help, we certainly will! (And if we can't help, we probably know someone who can!)

Do you offer local pickup/delivery?

Absolutely! If you're in or local to Lethbridge, select "Lethbridge Pick Up" or "Lethbridge Delivery" at checkout. Remember, the safe exchange zone in the Lethbirdge Police parking lot is a secure option for product pick up. Let Sarah know if you'd prefer to meet there!

What does "Canadian made (where possible)" mean?

Basically, this means that here at Laye's Creations we try to source as much of our 'raw' materials as possible from Canadian made suppliers. RopeShop.ca is an excellent source of Canadian made rope, for example. However, sometimes it is not cost or time efficient to source Canadian made (much as this pains us!), so we cannot gaurantee every product is created using 100% Canadian made materials. If you would like more information on a specific product, get in touch. If you'd like your custom order to be created using Canadian made materials, let us know when you fill out your Custom Order Form.

Leather vs Paracord - what's the difference?

This question does boil down to personal choice, however there are several factors to take in to account that should influence your decision; - Paracord (and double braid nylon rope) is, generally, stronger than leather. This means it will not break as easily as leather does. This may be of benefit to you, or not, depending on the animal/s you're handling. - Leather is traditional, and generally works better for large buckled equipment, such as driving harnesses, as it sits flatter against the horse's skin. - Paracord has more stretch/give to it than leather does. (Although leather will also stretch under enough pressure.) However, it is fairly easy to snug up your paracord product by dunking it in hot water. - Paracord is available in many different colours! Fun! - Paracord is also easier to care for than leather, and won't stiffen or rot if you neglect it. - Paracord is lighter than leather, weight-wise. - Paracord is generally easy to find and cheap to buy.

Covid-19 Update

We are still open for business, making and selling our products. Please do browse and buy right here in our online store. If you're local to Lethbridge, be sure to select "Lethbridge Pick Up" at checkout. We'll be in touch to arrange free, contactless delivery or pickup of your order within Lethbridge. All orders are santised as they are packed. We suggest you do the same upon receipt, or 'quarantine' your package in a safe spot outside. Sarah will wear a mask at the customer/clients discretion for order pick ups and pet services. Lots of hand saitiser is also in use! Don't need our services or products right now? You can still support us by signing up to our email list, and checking out our BLOG .

I heard you also provide services?

Yes, we do! Sarah is a part of the Rover team, caring for local pets with house sitting, dog walking, and drop in visits. Find her on Rover at rover.com/sit/sarahl42605. Sarah is also happy to take direct bookings, details for which can be found by clicking here. Bob provides horsemanship lessons and training, with either your own horse at your chosen facility, or with Fragile and Mysteria (Bob and Sarah's personal horses) in Diamond City, just outside of Lethbridge. To book, get in touch with him directly at 403-894-3621

What does "Upcycled" mean?

Inevitably when Bob and Sarah are creating products, there will be some scrap pieces of leftover materials. "Upcycled" means that these leftover bits and pieces of materials have been used to create the entirety, or part of, a finished product that is ready to purchase. This essentially helps reduce waste - by creating something new and exciting out of materials that may otherwise have had no use and ended up in the garbage! Alternatively, products may be created using materials such as fleece or denim that were either destined to be donated as they're no longer useful, or simply thrown away. Good stuff, right?!

How many strands in a round braid?

Round braid is the most commonly used braid style in Sarah's products. Sarah often describes her products as X number of strands. As strands are added, the braid gets wider. Here's an approximate conversion list; Four strands = approx. 1/4" in diameter Six strands = approx. 3/8" in diameter Eight and ten strands are quite similar, sitting either side of 1/2" in diameter Twelve strands = approx 5/8" in diameter. Remember, each strand of paracord braided in to a product is rated for 550lbs (Skinny Style Leashes are a slimmer style of paracord rated for only 220lbs). This is what makes Sarah's products super strong, tough and durable!

How do I clean my rope products?

Both paracord and double braid nylon are a synthetic rope that will last a lifetime with minimal care. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris (old toothbrushes work great). If your gear really needs a wash, put it in a washable protective bag, then throw it in the washer on a cold, gentle cycle. Do not machine wash leather. Hang to air dry.

Do you have a product warranty?

We try and test all our products with our own animals, and can vouch to their ability to be used for the purpose for which they were designed. If for some reason your product does not work as designed, or malfunctions within the first year after you purchased it, please get in touch and we will repair or replace your product for cost of shipping. Note that this offer is only valid if the product has been used solely for its designed purpose. If your product has been used in any other way, this warranty is void. (Regular wear and tear through normal use is to be expected, and not covered by this warranty.)

How strong is double braid nylon?

Double braid nylon rope; 3/8" in diameter has a minimum breaking strength of 6,200lbs; 1/2" in diameter has a minimum breaking strength of 9,200lbs; 5/8" in diameter has a minimum breaking strength of 12,500lbs; 3/4" in diameter has a minimum breaking strength of 19,500lbs.

How do I clean my denim/fleece/elastic leash?

Use a soft bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris (old tootherbrushes work great). If your gear really needs a wash, put it in a washable protective bag, then throw it in the washer on a cold, gentle cycle. Do not machine wash leather. Hang to air dry.

How do I care for my metal art?

Wipe with a dry cloth. Spot clean only as necessary. Ensure your piece is fully dry.

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