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Bob and Sarah met in 2015 in Pincher Creek while Sarah was participating in the WWOOF program. They were lucky enough to spend the summer training and riding horses together, before Sarah made the move to Canada in January of 2016. After a couple of years managing a small ranch south of Lethbridge, Bob and Sarah have made the move back to town to work for themselves again. They both thoroughly enjoy learning new skills and expanding their work in to various areas of interest.

Bob continues to work on his proper hoof care presentations, and you can find some information courtesy of him in Laye's Creations free download files. He also continues to provide groundwork and horsemanship training and lessons, for those interested in a combination of intelligent/natural/Brannaman/Dorrance style of horsemanship that focuses on communication and teamwork between horse and human. Bob's creative contributions to Laye's Creations consist of his Rope Halters and metal crafts. Bob's uncle (also named Bob) taught him to tie rope halters many years ago while Bob was starting colts for him in SK. They can be tricky to tie correctly, and even though Bob has had plenty of practise, he still takes the time to ensure his halters are top quality - that they can be used efficiently and effectively in your horses training. Find out more in this video.

While Bob was tying halters, Sarah was using the scrap pieces of rope the halter rope came tied with to braid keychains in the same style she had as a child. Seeing this, Bob encouraged Sarah to research and experiment with longer pieces of paracord rope. Starting with a simple, four strand braided leash, Sarah has since expanded her skills and product range to include all the braided products you see for sale in Laye's Creations online store today. She has enjoyed learning how to braid in a wide variety of styles, and continues to teach herself, with the help of select books and YouTube videos. Sarah is currently practising more knots in an effort to make her products not only practical, strong and durable, but also to have a sleek finish that you and your animals will feel good using.

Sarah is also responsible for the other rope products available through Laye's Creations for pets and equestrians. While splicing may not be as complex or time-consuming as tying halters, it is one of Sarah's favourite methods to create with. With these skills, Sarah and Bob are thrilled to be able to provide custom order pet apparel and horse tack - especially as they know the frustration of ill-fitting or lesser-quality kit first hand! Creating unique products, by hand, means they can take the time to ensure their products are the best possible quality, strong enough to endure not only regular use but also the harsh Canadian elements, with any and all added extras that will make your life easier. Got a specific product design in mind that might help resolve some of your daily exasperations? Find Laye's Creations Custom Order Form HERE.

What's even more exciting than Laye's Creations handmade rope and braided horse tack and pet apparel? Bob's welded work! Each and every one of Bob's pieces is cut, welded, and finished by hand (rest assured there is a lot of work to each of those steps!). Bob creates his sacred geometry pieces with positive and uplifting intentions, in the hopes that each will find the home they are supposed to be in. His pieces can be used in meditation and breathing exercises, and even yoga. Each shape has its own unique properties, which you can find out more about HERE, that can assist on the path to improving your day-to-day life. There is a certain peacefulness to his work, despite the active energy that is poured in to each piece. Bob ensures all his metal work is of the same top quality as his rope halters, and would love to see his pieces go to homes where the time, effort, and attention to detail will be appreciated - the "handmade-ness" which is such a luxury in the current world of mass production!

Sarah and Bob are also keen to help the environment as much as they can! This predominantly looks like recycled packaging every time an order heads out the door, but be sure to check out Sarah's "upcycled" products as well. These products are made with majority "scrap" pieces of rope or paracord (always of the same quality as the materials in Laye's Creations other similar products) that may otherwise have ended up in the garbage. As a thank you, you can find these products for sale at a cheaper price than their "new" counterparts.

At home, Sarah is always looking for refills that will save packaging, recycling as much waste as possible, and is currently researching and preparing to grow some of her own food. 

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