Bob and Sarah met in 2015 in the foothills of Pincher Creek, where Sarah was travelling as a part of the WWOOF programme. They were lucky enough to spend the summer riding and training horses together - rest assured Bob took the opportunity to get Sarah hooked on his style of horsemanship and groundwork! He was kind enough to gift Sarah a hand tied rope halter with clinician length lead rope, to aid with this plan!

Sarah moved from southern England to southern Alberta in January 2016. The couple started out managing a small ranch south of Lethbridge as Release Equine. They were keen to continue Bob's excellent natural horsemanship work with the horses they were to meet, but alas the work load became too much to allow any sort of horse related work at all. So Bob and Sarah made the decision to move back to Lethbridge proper.

Throughout this time, Bob was tying rope halters, leaving Sarah to play with the scraps his beautiful double braid nylon rope came tied with. Little did Bob know, Sarah had learned how to braid Scoubi-Dous as a child. When she created a crown knot keychain for Bob, that still lives with his keys today, he encouraged her to expand her knowledge and skills. Laye's Creations was born, and Sarah is still on that journey of learning today - expanding and designing her collection of functional products for animal owners.

Bob was lucky enough to invest in a welder in 2019, and has since taken it upon himself to spread the uplifting, joyful, positive vibes of sacred geometry work. Welded By Bob was born! (I know, it's a lot. We just like to sound cool really.) He loves the freedom and creativity his metal art pieces allow in their crafting journey. Bob hopes folks will choose to take a home a piece of his because it resonates with them, and brings a little peace and happiness to their lives.

Laye's Creations

All products handmade in

Lethbridge, AB, Canada





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