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Bob and Sarah riding their mares in handmade braided paracord roping reins and neck strap.

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Asquith, SK

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Sarah Laye, the wife half of the Laye's Creations team, proudly Canadian made horse tack,


Sarah is the maker and creator behind the rope and paracord pet apparel and horse tack you can find in Laye's Creations online shop. She had a Springer Spaniel and herd of guinea pigs as a child, and currently has 11 tattoos.

Bob Laye, the husband half of the Laye's Creations team, located in Lethbirdge, AB.jpg


Bob is the welder behind Laye's Creations hand crafted sacred geometry art and decor, and a rope halter tying perfectionist. He also has a passion for dirt bikes, heel first hoof care, and horsemanship for the horse.

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What is Sacred Geometry?

The only five 3D shapes that can be created with equal edges and angles. But why is it so important?

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Which shape resonates with you?

The perfect handmade addition to any space in your home! Explore Welded By Bob's ready to ship artwork and decor online.

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Why Paracord 550?

Paracord 550 is a synthetic rope approximately 4mm wide with a seven strand core. Each strand of rope is extremely strong, and even more so once Sarah has braided 4-12 strands in to a finished product!

  • Paracord is easier to care for than leather,

  • Paracord comes in a wide variety of colours,

  • Paracord is cheaper than leather,

  • Paracord won't rot, it is super tough!


Every horse person should have a quality rope halter in their life!
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Let your pets personality shine through with a unique and original Laye's Creation leash.

Whether you like sleek and straightforward rope, or wild and whacky paracord, you pets next leash is waiting in our online store!

Handmade braided paracord roping style reins for ropers and western riders, Canadian made.

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